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Visit the "Home of the Painted Churches"Schulenburg's German/Czech heritage began in 1873 when plots of land (along with the 450 acre  farm of Louis Schulenburg) were purchased for right of ways known today as the Southern Pacific Railroad.  That same year, Christian Baumgarten, known as the "Father of Schulenburg," suggested the town be named after Louis Schulenburg because the railroad depot was on his land.  On New Year's Eve of that same year, Schulenburg, a German word meaning "School town," was born with the arrival of the first train to the depot.  Businesses from nearby High Hill and Lyons were moved overland on log rollers with winches powered by mules.  The first train came through Schulenburg December 31, 1873.  Schulenburg was a progressive horse-and-buggy town for 25 years.   The town grew to meet the needs of farmers by maintaining blacksmiths, saddle and harness shops, cotton gins, a cotton compress, a cottonseed oil mill, hardware stores, and eight saloons.  Today, Schulenburg has grown to two square miles with 2,455 residents.   We invite you to browse through historical downtown, sample our foods and pastries, visit the Painted Churches and experience our relaxed way of life.

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